Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Roommate can’t find keys

All the good things in life have a price. Or so it is said. However, we believe hat where iron workers is concerned, this should not be the case.

I got a text message when I was at dinner with my girlfriend. It was my roommate. My roommate was texting me asking about his keys, he could not seem to find it. He was afraid that he needed to call a Denver locksmith.

I knew I did not have his keys. We were heading out to dinner when he got home. He was in the living room when we made our way out the door. We chatted with him for about five minutes. He needed to have his keys to get into the house when he got home from work. After dinner I decided that I would help him look for his keys if he still had not found them yet.

When I got home, he was still looking and digging around everywhere. He could not remember where he put his keys. He said that he started cleaning up the house after we left for dinner. My roommate still could not find his keys. He even looked up a number of a Denver locksmith to call for precaution. We might need to have to change the locks of the house if he lost it.

After about two hours of looking around our whole house. He found the keys. The keys were under one of his instruments in our music rooms. He was in there cleaning earlier but did not think that he brought his keys in there. But come to find out, somehow he did bring in his keys and they were there under the drum kit.

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